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Why I unfollowed you on Instagram


Ah Instagram, who would have thought that, that little blue “Follow” button would cause so. much. DRAMA! I mean sure, clicking it is usually the easy part, it’s the unfollow where the issues lie. Should you, shouldn’t you, will they notice? And even worse, WHY DID THEY UNFOLLOW ME?!

I often do a little clear out of the people who I’m following to keep my feed fresh and up to date. I incorporate minimalism in almost every aspect for my life, and social media is no exception. For me, an unfollow is liberating and has an ongoing positive effect on my life. In the last week alone, I cleared about 200 people from my feed. In fact, you could have been one of them! NOTE: Please don’t think that this post is personally directed at you, because I can guarantee that it isn’t. I don’t do subliminal messages, so this is certainly not one of them.

So before you take it to heart, here is WHY I may have unfollowed you on Instagram (and why you should unfollow people too!):

1. I should have never followed you in the first place

I have no idea what made me follow you in the first place, and often the next time you post it will pop up in my feed and I’ll think “Who the hell is this?!”. Sorry to leave so soon, but, I should have never followed you in the first place!

2. I haven’t engaged with the last 6 photos on your page

Which realistically means, I’m literally just not liking your photos any more. Maybe I used to, but your content isn’t my jam now! If I haven’t liked the last 6 photos on your page (presuming that they’ve been popping up in my feed and this isn’t a glitch in the algorithm), I’ll be sure to unfollow.

3. You don’t bring positive energy in to my life

This one GUARANTEES that I will unfollow you. I probably won’t even hesitate before I click it either. If I’m scrolling my feed and I stop at your photos to roll my eyes, screenshot to send to a friend or I get a sinking feeling in my stomach, I’ll unfollow. I know that it is human nature for us to make some judgement on other people, and some people thrive off that kinda of thing, but it’s not for me. I don’t want to put myself in the position where your photos can attract negative thoughts in to my day. I’d rather be the bigger person and remove you, and I hope that people would have the respect to do the same for me too.

4. I scroll straight past your photos

If I don’t stop to double tap, read your caption or have a long look at your photo – goodbye! Often I’ll scroll straight past someone, catch myself doing so, and then scroll back up to unfollow.

5. We’ve expired

So it seems that we just aren’t on the same page anymore. Maybe we were friends in high school, or I met you out clubbing when I was 18, or you could have been a friend of a friend that I met at a BBQ once. However we met, or whatever our story is, our lives have now drifted apart! There are no hard feelings from my end, because I’m fairly sure that motherhood and babies isn’t your cup of tea anymore either. Let’s call this one mutual, hey?


So there you have it! 5 truthful reasons why I may have removed your Instagram account from my feed.

If you’re scrolling Instagram (or any other form of social media) and your feed is making you feel bad about yourself, boring you, or giving you anxiety, have a look through who you’re following and clear out the junk! If my photos, captions or blog don’t make you feel happy, accepted, make you laugh or feel like you’re following a friend – then unfollow me too! I don’t want my account to bring anything but positive energy in to other people’s lives.

I’d love to know whether this post inspired you to do a clear out yourself, and how it made you feel!

Lots of love and positive vibes x

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  1. Belinda

    Great post! Excuse me now as i go and declutter my social media…

    07 . 07 . 2017

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