Ugh – not another Mummy blogger!


It seems that all my newsfeed is full of these days is mummies standing in front of cool walls, promoting face masks, and adding “blogger” to their Instagram bio. Mothers are always quick to voice their opinions, and they now have more platforms than ever to do so. For (most) mothers its great! So much information and advice is at our fingertips. When you’re up with a sleepless baby at 3am, all you need to do is reach for your phone and you can find someone else awake and in the same boat. But for others, well I can feel the eye rolls behind my back and see the unfollows after each baby related post.


So I bet you’re wondering why I even considered adding my own two cents to an already saturated market? Believe me, I thought long and hard about the same thing myself. For years, I couldn’t justify why my voice was valuable enough, I didn’t think that I was good enough and I especially didn’t think that anyone would care. I had so much that I wanted to share, so many people whom I wanted to connect with, yet I was scared and even embarrassed to take the plunge.

I was that cynical that when thinking of names for the blog I considered “Not Another Mummy Blogger” to take the piss out of myself and “Not Just Mum” in an attempt to branch away from Mummy related content (ironically, both were already taken). But I soon realised that my role as “Mum” really is what consumes me at the moment, and to act like I’m so much more than that would not be authentic. At this point in my life, “Mum” is what defines me and “Mum” is what I’m best at.

Fast forward to now, and I’m utterly devoted to building my social media presence and turning my blog into less of a hobby and more of a business, and here are the two reasons why:

1. I can get paid to stay at home with the kids and do what I love.

It’s as simple as that, and there is NOTHING wrong with getting paid to do what you love. Getting paid for blog posts is a no brainer. There is SO much work that goes into setting up a blog and writing them. Most of my blog posts take days, if not weeks, and I’m often up after the rest of the family has gone to sleep working my arse off. Paid promotion is a bit of a controversial one, I see so much judgement put on bloggers who get paid to promote products, but why?! Say you have a favourite restaurant, you go there all the time and you want your friends to go and enjoy the same experience. So what do you do? You tell them about it! You suggest what they should order, and if there is a special offer on a Thursday night you tell them that too. But what do you get out of it, nothing? Wouldn’t you love it if every time someone you recommended ate at the restaurant, you got a free meal or even $50 slid into your bank account? I bet you wouldn’t be complaining if that was the case. Well that’s basically what happens when people are paid to promote products on their social media. I know that some people abuse this privilege, but for the most part we’re just Mums wanting to stay at home with our babies for as long as possible.

2. I have experiences that I want to share and mothers that I want to connect with.

This is the most important reason, and it’s the reason I would still be blogging even if there wasn’t a potential for monetary rewards. I think that my experiences are valuable, and I believe that by sharing them I can help other mothers to feel accepted and make their journey a little bit easier. It’s no secret that information from medical professionals can be very limited and bias, and to be honest most of them are males! While I am absolutely not qualified to be giving medical advice, what I can contribute is anecdotal information for mothers who may be on the same page as me. Our journeys are all different, but a lot of what we’re dealing with on a day to day basis is a lot more similar than you may think. One of the things that I’ve found most helpful when dealing with post natal depression and all of the ups and downs that come with being a Mum, is connecting with other mothers and reading about their struggles and achievements too. I strongly believe that there can never be enough information, stories and support for mothers to access. Nick can testify that every time I have someone contact me asking for help or advice, I am SO honoured. I’m a helper and a fixer, and nothing makes me happier than knowing people trust me enough to come to me with their questions or problems. So to all of you who message me, please know that I appreciate it more than you will ever know!

I’ve come to realise that there is room for all of us to succeed in this world of blogging. I’ve found my passion and I’m loving what I’m doing, so why should I dim my light because other people are shinning brighter? So for as long as I’m enjoying blogging, it’s what I’ll continue to annoy you with on my feed. Wish me luck! x



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