What I’ve learnt after taking “time off” being Mummy


If you’ve not figured it out already, I had a breast augmentation on the 16th of January (I filmed a bit of a vlog on it all if you want to see it? Let me know!). As a result, I’ve not been able to lift either of the kids for the last few weeks, and I’ve had to take some “time off” from being Mum. I’ve learnt some lessons along the way, and thought I would share them.

1.Skin to skin contact is SO important!

We are what I call a “naked family”… which actually sounds kind of weird now that I’ve put it out there, but what I mean is that the kids are constantly running and rolling around the house in their nappies, and Nick and I spend most of our time at home in our underwear. We’re very comfortable around our house, and the kisses and cuddles are always a plenty! Our kids are definitely never lacking in affection that’s for sure.

At the end of most days however, I’m feeling pretty “touched out”, as in, I’ve had small children attached to my hip all day long and the thought of having anyone else within a metre radius of me makes my blood boil. Most days, I take all that physical connection for granted, some days I even despise it… UNTIL my week off from being Mummy.

Now, oh my god the things I would do to be able to scoop both my babies up in my arms and squeeze them so tight! This blog post is sounding creepier by the minute, but the other day I literally sat next to Cooper in his bouncer and just breeeeeeathed him in. I swear just the smell of him calmed me down, and I breathed out a sigh of relief. Physical touch, or skin to skin contact, with your babies is SO important! I’ve always known this, but I guess because I’ve always had it present in my day-to-day life I had taken it for granted.

2. I’m an absolute control freak

Like seriously, a complete control freak. Having to lay back for the last week and not have much of a say on anything that has gone on in the house has killed me! BUT I’ve had a revelation, and probably even a bit of a knock to my ego. I’ve realised that life actually can go on fine without me planning and being involved with every single detail.

3. I do a lot, and I don’t have to do it all

Another reality check! With other people doing the chores and looking after the kids, I realised just how much I actually contribute to the household. Other than the toys that the kids are playing with at the time, not much in my house if often left out of place – I keep it spick and span. However in the last week I’ve realised that a little bit of chaos never hurt anyone, and the world isn’t going to end if every inch of my house isn’t spotless. It’s actually helped with my anxiety a lot!

4. Nick is an incredible Father

So this one I already knew. But I now know it even MORE so! Nick has picked up so much of the slack, and taken on the role of both Daddy and Mummy, even getting up all throughout the night to settle the kids! I think we’ve both realised that he is so much more capable than either of us have given him credit for in the past.

5. I have the best support network

My best friend had the week off work, and was here all day every day while Nick was at work, to help me with the kids. And I wouldn’t even call it “helping me” because she literally did it all. I was still pretty drowsy and spent most of the week in and out of sleep. She took the kids out, looked after the house, kept me medicated and made sure I ate!  In between that, I had so many people who were happy to come over and lend an hour of their time to help out. I really just warms my heart and fills my soul to see how much all of our friends and family love Charlie and Cooper, and the extent they go to help our family. I can’t wait until everyone else starts having their own babies so we can repay them!

Until next time xx

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  1. Laura Appleton

    My word… Boobies galore… ‘!!… You do what ever makes you happy.. Even though it is hard work at present, things will no doubt improve.. Thank goodness your friend was so thoughtful, giving you time out… Thank goodness for lovely nick.. What a sweetheart. Blessings to you… Nanna. Xx

    30 . 01 . 2017

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