Our “Love Story” [Part One]


They say that all great loves have a story, and this is ours.

It isn’t a “love at first sight” story, and it almost wasn’t even a “happily ever after” story. We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs together, but here we are almost 5 years later, and I can honestly say that we’re the happiest we’ve ever been!

Nick and I met in late 2011, I was 19 and Nick had just turned 20. One of my girlfriends was dating Nick’s friend from work, so we all began to spend a bit of time together. I was actually interested in one of his other friends, and thought nothing more about Nick other than that he was really funny and easy to talk to.

On Australia Day 2012, a few too many jelly shots led to a cheeky “kiss” (ahem, possibly more than that – but you didn’t hear that from me) exchanged between Nick and I. But I was very drunk so I promptly left as I needed to be at work later that night (I was a bartender at the time). A few days later I got on a plane to stay in Broome for the month of February and considering I didn’t even have Nick’s number, we didn’t speak at all. I would never admit this to Nick’s face, but he crossed my mind more than once while I was away.


On the night of the 5th of April, the club I was working at was hosting a big event for the Easter long weekend. As I was getting ready that night I received a text from Nick asking if I could put some names on the VIP list for him. Playing hard to get I replied “Nick who?” and then told him that I wouldn’t be able to put his name on the door. The lines outside were huge so I wasn’t expecting Nick to come in, but halfway through the night I could feel someone staring at me from across the bar. Lo and behold, there was Nick standing at the end of the bar with a few of his friends. Throughout the night he kept coming up to the bar trying to ask me on a date the next week. I honestly thought he was joking, so kept laughing him off and telling him to let me keep working. When the bar closed, one of the bouncers walked up to me and told me that Nick had told them I was taking him home, so he was allowed to stay in the club while we cleaned up. He’d been so persistent and I didn’t have the heart to kick him out, so I told the bouncer it was fine and he came home with me that night.

From that night on, we were inseparable. I was drawn to Nick. I wanted to be around him all the time. I would drive to his house at 3am after I finished work, and he would come back home throughout the work day to see me. We were constantly laughing over the most ridiculous things, yet I also felt so content sitting in silence with him. I was totally and utterly infatuated, and contemplated if Nick could be “the one”.

The next month Nick asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said “no”! I was completely taken aback because at risk of having my heart-broken, I had convinced myself that Nick didn’t really like me. He had a bit of a reputation, and I thought there was no way he would want to settle down with someone like me. I’d also spent the previous 5 years in and out of 2 serious relationships, and had a 6 week trip to the US planned for the end of that year. The timing wasn’t right, and I thought that I needed space to be single and figure out who I was. However I soon learnt that everything in life happens for a reason and I would be an idiot to let Nick go, so on the 25th of May 2012 we “officially” became boyfriend and girlfriend.

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