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We all know that once babies come along, money can be pretty tight – they’re expensive little buggers! More often than not what little money you have left once the bills are paid, is spent on the kids anyway! There have been many occasions when I have debated whether I reaaaally need a $50 top, but then spent hundreds on the kids clothes that they’ll grow out of in a few months without hesitating.

However, over the last few years I’ve found a few things that I think are definitely worth spending money on.. “Mummy Investments” I call them. They’ve made life easier, and kept me that little bit saner.

A Thermomix
Yes, a Thermomix is DEFINITELY worth the money! It’s not an expensive blender, and it will take the place of about 10 other appliances in your house. So splurge the $2000 and then chuck everything else up on Gumtree! A Thermo is especially useful for a few different reasons. It makes baby food SUPER easy. You literally chuck everything in and boil, steam, sauté it (you can even be boiling in the jug and steaming on top at the same time). Then you drain the water, chuck it all back into the jug and blend it all up. You only have ONE thing to clean – so easy! It’s also fool proof, which means you’ll be confident leaving hubby (or teenage kids) in charge of it knowing that a yummy meal will be the result. You can leave it be, which means no more standing over the stove ferociously whisking a lumpy white sauce with a toddler screaming at your feet. You’ll cut down on preservatives because all stocks, curry pastes etc are made from scratch. It’ll also do your washing for you! (or maybe not the washing part, but one can only hope right?) Some days I’ll use my Thermie to boil eggs, and other days I’ll use it to whip up 5 different meals for the freezer. I promise you’ll get your money worth. 

A Dyson stick vacuum
Now this investment is not so much for the quality of the product, because in actual fact I don’t use my Dyson on my hard wood floors, only for the bathrooms and the carpet. I find that the vacuum head struggles to pick up larger items (ie. dry cat food, little honkey nuts) when it’s on my wood floors. BUT it makes vacuuming so super easy! If I didn’t have my Dyson, I would very rarely drag my vacuum out and clean the floors because traditional vacuums are heavy and annoying with the cord and having to plug it into the wall. Because I can just grab my stick vacuum, do a quick vaccy over my bedroom and suck up all the hair that’s all over the bathroom floor within 5 minutes, I don’t procrastinate the job. An absolute must for a neat-freak like me!

Feather touch eyebrow tattooing
Now this one may not be for everyone, but I had shit eyebrows before Alix Walker Artistry came along and with today’s society holding great brows in high regard, I was feeling the pain. My eyebrows had a decent shape, but the hair was so fine and light that you could barely see them. I was going and getting them shaped and tinted every month, but the tint would last a few days on the skin and then I would be back at square one. When Alix started tattooing, I knew it was something I had to get done. Convincing Nick would be my biggest hurdle, so I did my calculations, organised my argument and told Nick that we “needed to talk”. I was about to hit him with a fairly decent upfront cost, but I had figured out that I was spending only $35 less a year on my monthly appointments, and only had the results for literally a few days of the year. Eventually he was convinced, and I was told I could have my brows done for my push present once Coops was born! I’ll insert my before and after photos, but keep an eye out for a later blog post detailing the whole experience. Having my brows tattooed means that I have one less thing to worry about in the morning. I don’t wear much makeup on a daily basis anyway, but I feel confident leaving the house knowing that I look somewhat put together now. Alix is an absolute professional, she doesn’t groom brows into what’s “fashionable” and measures everything to fit your natural shape and what will suit you best. She’s also freakin’ hilarious and is well worth a visit even just so you can have a big LOL.

(Seriously, look at those brows and lashes!!)

Eyelash extensions
This one is in the same boat as eyebrow tattooing. I love getting my lashes done every month because I can wake up and leave the house knowing that I look like I’ve put some effort in. My lashes are done by Locks and Lashes by Jess every month. Jess is an absolute sweetheart, and works out of a quaint little salon owned by her Nan. She can custom lashes to suit your face and how casual or dramatic you want them to look. I get Russian volume extensions, but we’ll often play around with the thickness and length depending on what look I’m after. Eyelash extensions are an ongoing cost, and you’ve been warned – once you get them done you wont ever look back. I’ve only ever seen Jess do an offer like this, but she has loyalty cards which give a free refill after every 5 appointments. I highly recommend getting eyelash extensions done if you’re a time-poor mumma like me!

A car with proximity keys
Now this is obviously a very big expense, but chances are you’re going to be changing your car at some point once you’ve had kids. I highly, HIGHLY recommend looking for a car that has a proximity key. It means that you can have the key for your car in your baby bag, a baby on your hip and a toddler at your feet, and all you have to do is press a button on the side of the door to unlock the car. Both of the cars that I’ve owned since having kids have had a proximity key, but there have been times when I’ve needed to drive a different car that doesn’t have the feature, and its bloody annoying having to look through nappies, wipes, half eaten cruskits and everything else in the baby bag to find your car key. Give it some thought if you’re in the market for a new car!


I hope that this post has been helpful for you! I know that a lot of Mum’s consider buying a Thermomix in particular, but worry it wont be worth the money. Always remember that you are important too, so drop the guilt when it comes to spending money on yourself! If you have any other Mummy Investments that you want to add, please leave them in the comments below.

Until next time!


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