A big list of moments I’ve sucked at being Mum!


So just for fun, here’s a big list of Mum fails that I’ve experienced over the last few years (most of which I swore I wouldn’t do). Have a read and let me know your Bad Mum moments too, OR have a read and feel a hundred times better about your own mothering abilities! Either way, enjoy xx


  • Left my kids in the car to run in to a cafe and order a takeaway coffee
  • Told Charlie to “f*ck off”, and not quietly under my breath either (don’t worry, she flung it straight back at me)
  • Had both the kids fall off the bed under my supervision, Charlie FOUR times, and Coops so far only once
  • Put them in their cot crying and closed the door behind me for a few minutes
  • Threatened that Santa wouldn’t come if they were naughty
  • Taken the batteries out of the remote and said the TV stopped working
  • Let Charlie have a sip of my ice coffee to prove to her that she wouldn’t like the taste of it… she begged me for more
  • Laughed when my kids have fallen over
  • Wedged my kids feet in to shoes, only to realise upon taking them off at the end of the day that they’ve grown out of them
  • Not realised that they’re sitting in a shitty nappy
  • Put them down on the bedroom floor and thrown them some socks from the bedside table to play with so I can get an extra half an hour sleep
  • Not realised that Charlie could have a potential concussion and put her to sleep thinking she was over-tired, only for her to wake up hours later with a massive cut and egg on her forehead
  • Skipped pages in a bedtime story
  • Let my babies sleep with pillows under their heads and blankets and teddies in the cot
  • Turned the music up extra loud in the car when they’re both yelling
  • Ignored Charlie for my phone when we’re at the playground, and hoped that another Mum would take pity on her and push her on the swing
  • In the drama of getting every one/thing into the car, completely forgotten to strap Cooper in to the car seat
  • Handed a baby over to Nick and asked him if he could please hold ” it”
  • Left the kids with a baby sitter and not missed them ONE BIT while I was out
  • Accidentally dropped my phone on Charlie’s head
  • Had Charlie walk out of our bedroom with a vibrator in her hand asking “Mum, what’s this?”

Isn’t it funny how we have all these expectations of ourselves, and the way that we’re going to parent… and then reality hits and we end up doing all of the things we swore we wouldn’t. Take comfort in knowing that we’ve all compromised on at least some of the grand plans that we made before the babies came along!

Have you got any funny moments you want to add?

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