Maternity shoot with Belinda Rae Photography


When Belinda Rae points her camera at my family, magic always happens! B has captured almost every special occasion for our family for the last 3 years. It started with monthly photos during my pregnancy with Charlie, then she photographed my baby shower, she came to hospital the day after Charlie was born and took the most beautiful newborn shots, both of Charlie’s birthdays, family photo shoots and the list continues! B and I ALWAYS vibe on the same wave length. I knew that for my maternity shoot with Cooper, I wanted it to be super natural and reflect our every day life as a family. I often see pregnant ladies posing for their maternity shoots on the beach, knee-deep in water wearing a long flowing dress, and I think, “what the fuck?”. Sure, the photo looks beautiful, but does that REALLY reflect their own pregnancy, or could you “insert pregnant woman here” and have everyone’s photos looking basically the same? Funnily enough, B had been wanting to do a lifestyle shoot for a while before I asked her! We knew we wanted light, natural photos around our house. Our photo shoot shows a pretty normal Sunday morning in our life (before Coops came along, it’s a lot more hectic now believe me!) and that’s what I love the most. I look back on the photos and I just see… us.


If you’re in Perth and you would like to book Belinda in for a shoot, her website is Have a look through the galleries on her site to get a feel for her style, but she specialises in couples, families, and portraits. She has an incredible eye for detail (she’s constantly tucking my hair into place throughout our shoots) and I can guarantee she will make you feel SO comfortable in front of the camera!


Sunday Morning with the Morgan’s

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  1. Jessie Papain

    These photos are absolutely stunning! At the time, I didn’t think I wanted a maternity or newborn shoot but now I really regret not getting them done. Next time 🙂

    21 . 01 . 2017

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