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Kid-free Vacay in Bali


If you follow my Instagram account, you would know that Nick and I visited Bali for a kid-free vacay last weekend. It was the most beautiful, relaxing four days we’ve had in a long time. I’m a travel lover, it fills my cup and makes me a better person. However Nick and I haven’t travelled together since we fell pregnant with Charlie on our trip to India trip back in 2013. Together we’ve spent the last couple years prioritising our family, home and careers, so travel had to wait. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t been a looooong and agonising wait for me to get back on a plane though!

A few months ago we realised we were both feeling very burnt out, and a trip away was necessary. We thought about whether or not we would take the kids with us, but decided against it as we really needed some time together as a couple and a break from our parental responsibilities. We chose Bali, somewhere close enough to Perth but enough of a change that we would feel like we were on a proper holiday, and organised for the kids to stay with my Mum for the weekend of our 5 year anniversary.

The trip was exactly what we needed. I’d honestly forgotten how much I enjoy Nick’s company and how well we get along as friends. The days as parents are long, and most nights it feels like Nick comes home from work and we’re in “all systems go” mode to get dinner, bath and bed time sorted for the kids, only to collapse exhausted by 8pm. It’s not often that we get proper, quality time together when we don’t have the stresses of work, kids, or the household playing in the back of our minds. For me, it was massive to spend time away from the house and not constantly having that feeling of having something to do.

Other than a panic attack and tears when our plane took off, I didn’t miss the kids as much as I thought! I knew they were safe and loving their time with their Nanna, and if anything I only worried that something may happen to Nick and I. When I saw travellers with their kids around Bali, I did miss them briefly and I constantly felt like I was missing a limb. But thank god for FaceTime, we got to see their little faces and massive smiles every day!

If it is possible for you and your partner, I highly recommend a trip away for just the two of you – even just for overnight! It’s important to make time for you as a couple, after all, you two came first!

See below for our trip details x


We stayed at Villa Besar in Kerobokan. I feel very honoured that Villa Besar had us stay on a collaboration basis, and would like to thank them for their hospitality!


  • The owners of the villas are based in Perth, which makes correspondence very convenient.
  • The cost includes airport pickup. We found our driver easily at the airport and made our way quickly and safely to the villas.
  • We were welcomed kindly by staff with a bunch of flowers and a refreshing mocktail.
  • The staff were amazing, and always happy to lend a hand with restaurant bookings or ordering transport.
  • The villa was beautiful and clean, the bed was comfortable and the bathroom and kitchen were nice and well stocked.
  • Our villas pool got heaps of sun! Which is something not often considered, but really important to me. It sucks when you have a private pool, and it spends most of the day covered in shade. Heaps of sun and plenty of room for getting your tan on (naughty, I know).
  • The in-house massage and scrub was to die for, and very well priced.
  • The cost also includes breakfast (see below), laundry (which we didn’t use so can’t comment on) and babysitting (also can’t comment on).
  • There is a super cute cafe, Cafe CousCous, next door. Great coffee and the breakfast looked delish also!
  • Taxis had no issue finding the villas, they were very well known and easy to get to and from.


  • The villas are about 10 – 15 minutes out of the main hub of Seminyak. The front desk were more than happy to call us a taxi for when we wanted to head in to town, and we had no issues catching taxis back to the villa. The taxi’s cost us between 30, 000 – 50, 000 IDR per ride ($3 – 5 AUD), which is super cheap by Perth standards, but still begins to add up when you’re travelling back and forth between the day.
  • The breakfast (included) was average and you can definitely find better in Bali, but we were still more than happy to eat it every day regardless!


  • Sunday Brunch at The W (Starfish Bloo) – I HAD to start with this meal! 3 years ago Nick and I stumbled across Sunday Brunch at the W. We were out shopping and had a tight deadline before a wedding in Uluwatu that afternoon, but my god the moment we walked in we knew we HAD to stop and eat. We fantasised about this meal doing our month long stay in India living off cabbage and potatoes, and both agree that it would be our last meal before we die. This is hands down the BEST buffet I’ve ever seen in my life. The food options range from fresh seafood on ice, sashimi, bao buns, curries, spit roast, fresh fruit, donuts, cakes, puddings, cheese and crackers and so much more! You HAVE to go and have brunch at The W if you’re in Bali on a Sunday, it’s a non negotiable for us and something we recommend to everyone. NOTE: you have to book in advance (aka the moment you book your trip) as there if often a waiting list! ALSO: can you tell my excitement from ALL THE CAPS ha?!

  • Cuca – Nick organised dinner here for our 5th anniversary, and it was beautiful! The restaurant is in Jimbaran Bay and was well worth the hour drive from the villa! We arrived to the most gorgeous garden setting and a pristine restaurant. The staff were incredible, and the service was probably the highlight of the dinner. As we waited for our table, we sat in the garden lounge for a cocktail, Nick chose the “moo” which was delicious if you’re a fan of chocolate milk! Nick had organised for the “romance package” so our table was adorned with red roses and candles and felt very private thanks to some curtains departing us from the table next door. We opted for the chef tasting meal, which was a 9 course meal including cuban corn, smoked butterfish and roasted pork buns, AMAZING! I don’t want to give too much away about the package, but if you are looking to book a romantic dinner with a few little surprises, Nick chose very well with Cuca 🙂

  • Saigon Street – a very popular Vietnamese restaurant which we ate at for lunch. Honestly, the food was good but we personally thought it was overpriced, and we’ve had better pho for a lot cheaper in Perth.
  • Mrs Sippy – a new venue that has recently opened in Seminyak. Think: super cool beach club vibes, without actually being on the beach haha! There is a pool, bar and restaurant available, with plenty of day beds, sun lounges and tables. The pool was divine, and there is a massive diving platform to jump off into a plunge pool! We went on a Friday night, and it was actually very quiet. But we’ve been told that it goes off on a Thursday and Sunday arvo when they have drink specials, and that is exactly what Mrs Sippy is perfect for. I’m excited to go back one day for a Sunday sesh! The food was yummy and so were the cocktails, great venue!

  • Sisterfields – Modern Australian style cafe, not too expensive with a good range of healthy and indulgent options. Great decor and cool vibe. Good spot for breakfast or lunch if you’re in Seminyak. Loved it 🙂
  • Ku De Ta – a staple for Bali, so I don’t have to say much! Great view, great cocktails, and great vibe. Perfect for a sunset drink.


  • Spring Spa (The Village Mall) – a gorgeous rooftop day spa in Seminyak. We booked in for a 90 minute couples massage and a facial each (oxygen for me, charcoal for Nick). The rooms were bright and clean, and the staff were professional. I personally prefer a little more luxury from a day spa (separate room to shower and change into a fluffy robe, relaxation lounge afterwards, champagne etc) and its pricey in terms of Bali, but very relaxing and enjoyable nevertheless. The rooftop entrance is also a great photo op 😉

  • Totem Room Escape Bali – this was the most fun we had during our stay, and it was completely out of the blue! It was half-time during the footy and Nick and I were walking down the street to find a place to get a quick foot massage. We happened to walk past some ladies handing out flyers for the Totem Room Escape and decided to go in! Its a difficult concept to explain, but you’re basically locked in a room for 50 minutes and have to solve clues based on a scenario to get out. Nick and I had so much fun working together and running around like headless chooks trying to get out of the rooms (we failed both times haha!). It was so much fun and I highly recommend a visit for something different next time you’re in Bali.

So that is all for our trip! We spent a lot of time chilling out around our villa and simply walking up and down the main streets of Seminyak and soaking up the vibes. I would love to know if you’ve been to any of the places I’ve mentioned, or have any other recommendations! Please let me know in the comments below xx

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