Getting to Know You Questionnaire


It’s no secret that I absolutely ADORE doing these little questionnaires with Nick! I find that because we spend so much time together, our conversations can sometimes become a little surface (i.e. “How was your day?” and “How were the kids?”) and we can go a little while without having a meaningful conversation unless one of us really makes an effort to initiate it. We’ve been together for nearly 6 years now, so it’s easy to assume that we already know all there is to know about each other and that we’ve had all of the important conversations before. I’m not great with small talk and would rather sit in silence than discuss trivial topics, but I do LOVE a good deep and meaningful conversation! I’ll often Google “Getting to Know You” and start asking Nick a few questions to ignite a deeper conversation between us. I find that these questions are perfect for a special occasion, dinner date, a car trip, when you’re laying in bed, for something to do instead of watching TV (or sitting on our phones) OR some of the raunchier ones are even great to initiate something extra, if you know what I’m saying 😉

For Valentine’s Day this year I thought, why not create one of my own questionnaires myself! I’ve divided these questions into 4 sets of 10 different questions: Getting to Know You, Would You Rather, Raunchy and Super Deep. Some of the questions are easy to answer, others may take a little more thought. Even if you think you may know the answer, I encourage you to ask the questions anyway, you may be surprised with what your lover has to say! I hope that you find out something new about your significant other, and have a really juicy conversation! I would love to know what your thoughts over on Instagram!


Click here to be taken to Pinterest so you can save these questions to one of your boards: Getting to Know You (Pinterest)

Click here to download the PDF copy of these questions: Getting to Know You (PDF)


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