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TKRK is changing! But first, a disclaimer.


Hello beautiful people!

Welcome back to Two Kids Raising Kids! You may have noticed that I’ve been a quiet on the blogging front lately, and I do apologise for that! To be completely honest, the crappy weather that we’ve been experiencing has had me in a little bit of a funk. I’ve been feeling unmotivated, and we haven’t been spending our days doing anything overly exciting. In saying that, I’ve also been working hard behind the scenes to re-brand the blog so that I can serve and encourage you in a bigger and better way than ever before! If you’re not already excited about what is to come, I hope that after reading this post you are!

In a nutshell, if life has left you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, unmotivated or down in the dumps – I’m about to start addressing those issues and nipping them right in the bud by providing a series of tools for you to incorporate in your day to day life. If you’re wanting to authentically love the life that you are living, I promise you that you are in the right place, and things are only about to get better from here!

BUT FIRST! There has been something playing on my mind which I need to address. A “disclaimer” if you will! So please, I ask that you take the time to sit down and read through the rest of this post so that when I launch the re-brand at the start of Spring, we’re all starting off on the right foot.

So it’s no secret that the world of blogging is an incredibly saturated one at the moment! Absolutely anyone can jump online and start their own blog, with minimal effort, expertise or money behind them. In fact, having a blog is no longer even required in order to attract a “following” and have your opinions reach a large audience. Cue the “social influencer”, the person you’re following on Instagram with over 10k followers, whose all of a sudden making recommendations left right and centre! In a world where we have social media and the Internet available at our fingertips 24/7, our thoughts and actions are constantly under influence whether we like it or not.

As a blogger myself, with a growing tribe of women following my journey, I don’t take this responsibility lightly. In the past, my blogs have been anecdotal of my own personal experiences and my musings on life. However I’ve come to learn that there are women out there reading these blogs and taking inspiration from my journey, but they are then left looking for some kind of steps to take to start their own path to recovery. The messages I receive and the relationships I’ve formed with people who were complete strangers are so humbling and beautiful. However, I find it so important to remind YOU – my readers, that I am NOT an expert! I can (and will) share with you the tools that worked for me, but that does not necessarily mean that they will work for you too. I have no formal qualifications and am not equipped to “treat” you when it comes to your health. I love the conversations that I get to have with you, and the recommendations that I am able to make, but please do not take anything that I say as fact and always consult a medical practitioner if you are struggling with your health in any way!

This goes for your interactions with all bloggers and social influencers, not only myself! I urge you to make educated decisions when it comes to anything that you allow yourself to be influenced by on the internet. Before you purchase an item from an Instagram store, think to yourself “Am I buying this because I like it, and it is something I would pick up in a shop? Or am I purchasing this because I saw it on someone else’s Instagram, they had it perfectly styled, and they’re offering a discount code?”. Before you take diet or exercise advice, think to yourself “Is this person qualified to be giving me this advice? Is this diet healthy and practical for mine and my families individual needs? Am I in the right physical shape to be doing these exercises?”. And before you take inspiration from someone whose sharing their experiences with mental health, remind yourself that they too are only human and regardless of how amazing their life may now look online, they will still be having good and bad moments, just like you will.

Social influencers are on the rise, they are being paid or rewarded for influencing you to act in a certain way, and that may come with ulterior motives or not the best intentions. At the same time, there are so many authentic influencers out there who genuinely want to make a positive difference in other people’s lives, who are doing it for the right reasons! I guess what I’m trying to say is, take from people what works for you, and leave the rest! Don’t try to emulate someone else life that they showcase online, because that is only a small portion of their life which they specifically choose to share on a public platform. I know that you’re not stupid, but sometimes we can all do with a gentle reminder or reality check.

So, as Two Kids Raising Kids continues to grow and evolve – let’s start with some agreements, I hope that’s okay?


  • Know that everything I write about is coming from my own experiences, everything I share are tools and tricks that worked for me, BUT they won’t work for everyone! Take what works for you, leave the rest.
  • I am never telling or forcing you to do anything! I am only ever making suggestions.
  • You are more than welcome to contact me with ANYTHING! Whether it be constructive criticism, wanting more specific information, or you’re just needing a shoulder to lean on – I am here for you! Most of my “work” time for the blog is spent replying to messages and engaging with you all, and I’m not complaining, I love it!


  • Take what I say as fact, it is only ever my own opinion unless otherwise stated.
  • Be offended if you contact me for advice, and I recommend that you seek help from a health professional.
  • Continue to follow along if we aren’t vibing. My lifestyle choices can be a little left of centre, and what I am “about” isn’t for everyone! If it doesn’t feel somewhat natural for you, give yourself permission to move on.

I can’t wait for you to see what I have in store for you! Stay tuned…


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  1. Belinda

    Love this so much! I can’t WAIT for Spring and to see what’s in store for us readers. And YES to the do’s and don’ts. I officially agree to your terms and eagerly await your next blog post 🙂

    23 . 08 . 2017
  2. chloe

    I’m excited to see your new branding teagan!!
    Chloe xx

    24 . 08 . 2017

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