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Oh man has my skin been to hell and back over the last 6 months! Where do I even start?!

To give you some background, I had never struggled with skin issues until this year.

Throughout high school I had oily skin and a few pimples here and there thanks to puberty, but nothing that made me feel self-conscious. For the most part, my skin has always been something I was quite proud of! As I rarely wear makeup, it’s important to me that I have clear and healthy skin and because of this, I spend a lot of time and money on my skin care. I actually love a thorough skin care routine! It’s therapeutic for me to apply all of my creams and serums, and I justify the time spent on it by knowing that I save time in the mornings because I don’t have to wear makeup.

So when did my skin issues arise, and what was causing it? Good question!

In January of this year, I had a breast augmentation, which meant I was bed ridden for a few weeks. I could barely move my arms, so I was “washing” my face with makeup wipes. Around the same time, I was drinking cheap protein shakes to try to up my calories throughout the day and put on some weight. I remember thinking that my face was extra oily, and it felt like it needed a good scrub. Within a few weeks I had broken out in bumps all over my forehead! They didn’t seem like pimples because when I tried to squeeze them (naughty, I know!) nothing would come out, but they were itchy and irritating under my skin! I would try to put makeup over them but as the issue was texture rather than discolouration, the foundation on top make it look worse.

I felt really uncomfortable in my own skin.

When people were talking to me, it felt like they kept staring at my forehead. I didn’t want to see anyone other than family and close friends. I spent hours staring at myself in the mirror, complaining to Nick and generally feeling really crappy. It sounds narcissistic, but to me good skin represents good health, so it meant more to me than just physical appearance.

I began to trial different skin care products and treatments. I asked on Instagram for advice, and loaded with recommendations I went to the shops and spent a lot of money on different masks and supplements. I even took an aloe vera plant from my Mum’s house and would smear that all over my forehead every night, I was desperate!

The day before my skin needling appointment

I was trying everything possible to clear my skin up, but it was only getting worse.

Over Easter, we spent the whole weekend enjoying family activities. It was so beautiful spending time together, but my days were clouded every time I saw a photo of myself with the kids and noticed how bad my skin was looking. It had been almost 3 months of trying to clear my skin, with no result, so I was at my wits end and decided that I would book an appointment at Karen Bowen Dermal Therapy Perth. By this point I didn’t care how much the treatment was going to cost, I knew that I was better off doing something that I knew would help, rather than spending money here and there on products that may not have results.

I had been recommended to Karen by a good friend, so I knew I would be in good hands. The staff at Karen Bowen are all so experienced and professional, and they all want the best for your skin without trying to sell unnecessary treatments or products. I initially had a consult with Jay, and we spoke about what products I had been using, what my diet had been like, and tried to determine the cause of the congestion on my forehead. We figured that it could have been a multitude of different things, however I was encouraged to avoid dairy and change some skin care products which I was using. That day I had a light peel, which in all honesty didn’t make too much of a difference to my skin as I was in need of something a lot more intensive. So I booked in to see Karen the next week for Radiosurgery.

Straight after my skin needling appointment

The next week, I was back at the clinic for my Radiosurgery appointment. I knew that Karen was looking for the best results possible, and the treatment wasn’t going to be a relaxing day spa experience. When Karen passed me two stress balls, I knew I was in for a different experience! I’d be lying if I said the needling wasn’t painful, and in fact it hurt a lot. Karen worked quickly to needle the congestion, but gave me breaks when I needed it. Just as the pain was about to get unbearable, Karen would move on to a different spot on my face and I was able to deal with it again. While the Radiosurgery was happening, Karen and I spoke about my diet and how much of an important factor it was for good skin. Karen is so well-informed when it comes to the overall health of skin, and she knows that beautiful skin comes from within.

Before I knew it, the treatment was over! I got up to look at my face and instantly saw how bad the congestion on my skin had been. Every single pimple that was hiding under the skin had been needled, so I now had tiny little red spots all over my face. Despite that, the texture of my face was smooth again, and I couldn’t feel any bumps any more! Karen had needled and squeezed out all of the gunk that was laying dormant under my skin just waiting to break out!

After my appointment I had to go food shopping, and it was embarrassing walking around in public with tiny scabs on my face. For a few days I tried to hide out at home to give my face some time to heal.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 5

Day 10

To my surprise, within the week my skin was almost back to normal! It was so refreshing to know that something had FINALLY helped, and I wasn’t going to be dealing with long-term acne.

The treatment fixed the congestion that I was dealing with at the time, but it is important that I’m taking care of my skin every day so that I’m not faced with skin issues again. I now use a range of products recommended to me by the staff at Karen Bowen, I cleanse with gauze every day, I avoid dairy and limit my sugar and gluten intake, make sure I drink plenty of water and use an SPF every day. Above everything, I believe that DIET has been the biggest factor in keeping my skin clear. If you are struggling with skin issues I highly recommend booking an appointment at Karen Bowen, and eliminating dairy from your diet!





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  1. Chloe

    Love this post. My skin has turned to crap lately which is weird for me because ive never had peoblem skin. Admittedly i havent been taking very good care of my health Either. Im so keen to try skin needling 😱

    26 . 07 . 2017
    • Teagan

      A lot of people who I’ve been speaking to have recently been dealing with skin issues! Sp strange, maybe there is another hormone shift in our mid-twenties? x

      27 . 07 . 2017
  2. Laura Appleton

    Good girl Teagan….. Your Skin is so important as you well know… Great that you have had good results.. I would have recommended you to limit dairy foods if I had known earlier. You come from excellent stock who have had limited skin issues.. I think I remember your Mum had a face peel many years ago when her skin was playing up.. And… it improved… to Beautiful…….I would also recommend that you get some sun on your face daily……
    “” Without sun block. “”……. A small am,ount of The sun is a healer.. Too much.. is a wrecker… You look gorgeous.. Love Nanna..

    27 . 07 . 2017
    • Teagan

      I’ve been looking in to healthy sun exposure! I’m Vit D deficient, so it’s important that I get some sun throughout the day, especially in winter. I very rarely put suncream on my body, and make sure I sit in the sun for a few minutes every day.

      27 . 07 . 2017
  3. Belinda

    I’ve heard great things about skin needling. I’ve struggled with adult acne since my mid-twenties and nothing has worked for me. I’ve been gluten and dairy free for over 8 years. My diet couldn’t be any ‘cleaner’. I put mine down to a hormonal imbalance, which I am yet to find a ‘cure’ for. But I 1000% agree that dairy is a MAJOR contributor to acne. If you get acne on your back, chest or upper arms, it’s a good indication that you have an intolerance to gluten. Eliminating both of these ingredients from your diet is a fantastic place to start, not just for your skin but your overall health 🙂 Thanks for yet another great post Teagan!! xoxo

    27 . 07 . 2017
    • Teagan

      Yes hormones ultimately play the biggest role! So I guess its a matter of finding out whats causing the hormones to play up. Which in a lot of cases, dairy could be causing! Unfortunately it doesn’t work for everyone though.. I think you have amazing skin B! You’re always radiant xx

      27 . 07 . 2017

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