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A Day in the Life of a Stay at home Mum


Today on Two Kids Raising Kids, I’m showing you an example of a typical day in our household. One where I try to balance being a fun mum, a responsible housewife, a loving partner and a business owner. Most days it can be difficult to squeeze in all of my roles and feel like I’ve had enough time for everyone and everything. Some days that washing doesn’t get done, or the blog has to wait, but my priority is always to spend quality time with my family. I can’t wait for you to see how we spend most of our days! Tell me, was it as glamorous as you thought? Ha ha!

In all honesty, I did consider waking up extra early on this particular day of filming to do my hair and makeup nicely. But the reality is, I never have time to do my hair and makeup on an average week day, so I figured I’d keep it as authentic as possible!

Today’s blog post is in collaboration with 7 other gorgeous women who are also documenting “A Day in the Life”. It’s been so interesting to see how we all plan and carry out our days, and I’ve loved getting to know the faces behind these beautiful websites! Please make sure to click through on the links below and show some love to everyone else participating today! All of their blogs and Instagram pages are absolutely beautiful, and I know you’ll love them as much as I do!

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