Frequently Asked Questions



How did Nick and I meet?

You can read about that here and here.


Did we plan to fall pregnant?

This is a pretty intrusive question, but I was asked it ALL the time throughout both of my pregnancies. I guess because I was pregnant at 21, it was hard for anyone to believe that we actually planned it? But we did! We tried to fall pregnant for almost a year with Charlie, and with Cooper we fell pregnant almost instantly!


Where is the red hair from?

We have red hair all over both sides of the family! It was kind of inevitable that our kids would have red hair, although we were still pretty shocked! Nick’s Mum has red hair, and all of my biological Aunties do also. Charlie seems to take after my Dad’s sisters with her tanned skin, brown eyes and dark copper hair. Cooper however, we can’t figure out who he looks like yet!


When will we have another baby?

Another very intrusive question, but another that is asked all the time! Nick and I only want two kids. We didn’t find out Coopers sex, but even if he was a girl we knew that we wouldn’t try again for a boy. Luckily – we ended up with one of each! Yes, we may change our mind later down the track (highly unlikely) but for now we are very happy with our two.


Who takes all of our professional photos?

Belinda, from Belinda Rae Photography.


How do I grow my hair so long?

You’d be surprised how often I get asked this question! I wish I had some secret tip to share, but honestly I think it’s thanks to genetics. I don’t do much to my hair in terms of colouring it, or heat treating/styling it. It’s often left marinating in its natural oils and chucked up in a mum-bun, which I guess keeps it super healthy. So here is my hair tip: less is more!


What is my nationality?

I’m usually asked this question in reference to my tanned skin. I’m Anglo-Indian. My Dad’s father was born in India.


Why is my surname hyphenated?

It’s a combination of my Mum and Dad’s surnames, because they weren’t married when I was born. And no, I’m not chucking Morgan on the end when Nick and I eventually get married.


Where do I get my eyelash extensions done?

Locks and Lashes by Jess.


Who tattooed my feather touch eyebrows?

Alix, from Alix Walker Artistry.


Did you buy, or do you rent your house?

“We” (aka Nick) bought out house in 2014. And yes it is beautiful, thank you 🙂 It’s a 1915 character home that was moved to this block, with an extension built on the back. We aren’t handy people at all, and in fact my forte is in hiring other people to do jobs for us haha, so luckily our home came renovated and ready to move in as it was. All we did was give it a fresh coat of (white) paint, and have slowly started to hang shelves and photos to make it our own. It’s very simple, but stunning nevertheless.


Does Charlie always wear her fairy wings?

Yes! 99% of the time, those blue fairy wings are on her back. They’re the first thing she puts on in the morning, and we take them off her after she’s gone to sleep at night. We don’t even notice them on her anymore!