Hello, I’m Teagan!

24 | Mother of Two | Perth, Western Australia

I’m loyal, I’m kind, and I’m honest. I’m compassionate, stubborn and feisty. I believe in balance and harmony. I refuse to have sugar in my coffee, yet I’ll eat an entire Coles mud cake to myself. I’m a Virgo in every essence of the word – critical, organised (slightly OCD), hardworking and proud.

I grew up in the West and South-West of Australia. I love living in the city now, but the country still speaks to my soul and I’m so grateful that my childhood was spent riding quad bikes and running a muck in the milking shed. I finished high school, and was at a bit of a loss with what I was going to do with my life. I was always good at a lot of things throughout school, but I never had a driving passion for any career in particular.

Before becoming a Mummy, I spent some time studying at Uni, bartending, nannying and working as a disability support worker. In my spare time, I loved anything to do with health, wellbeing and travel.

At 19, I met the love of my life and the Father of my two children, Nick. At 21, we were pregnant with Charlie and exactly one week after my 22nd birthday she was born (Labour Stories: Part One). Not wasting any time, one year later we were pregnant again with Cooper (Labour Stories: Part Two). So here I am now, at 25 years old living with Nick, Charlie, Cooper, our nasty cat Ava and fluffy bunny Harry in our beautiful 1915 character home.

As young parents Nick and I are still trying to find our own place and purpose in this world, whilst also juggling two young children and our family lifestyle. Life with two isn’t always easy, and in fact most of the time it’s very challenging, but Two Kids Raising Kids was created as a space to share our successes and failures in the hope that I could connect other mothers who would relate to our story.

Less than a year after launching, Two Kids Raising Kids has proven to be a huge success! By sharing my real and raw experiences with anxiety and post natal depression, I am now motivating women to strive toward a better lifestyle. By teaching the tools that I’ve used to manage my postnatal anxiety and depression, I work alongside women to help them feel accepted and less overwhelmed by the day to day pressures of motherhood by getting rid of the clutter and putting the fun back in to their days.

My mission: is to reach and connect with as many women as I possibly can. I want Two Kids Raising Kids to be a place where women can come to feel safe, loved and accepted. 

I hope you enjoy being here xx


Photo: Belinda Rae Photography