6 ways I’ve changed since becoming a Mum


I’ve recently been tagged in an Instagram tag that was created by the gorgeous Brittany from By Brittany Noonan, SIX WAYS I’VE CHANGED SINCE BECOMING A MUM.

1. Nick and I are a LOT more open and comfortable with each other after two pregnancies and labours. If I need to fart, I’ll let rip. If I’m trying to pick an ingrown and I can’t get a good view, Nick will hold my iPhone torch for me. When Nick is trying to poop in peace, I’ll open the door and tell him to hurry TF up so I can do my morning wee. There is literally NO shame between the two of us now, we’ve been through it all 😂

2. I’ve lost a lot of weight. I’m talking, 10kg by the time I got home from hospital (3 days after I had Charlie) and a total of 13kg by one week post partum. A lot of my weight loss has to do with my anxiety, and mum life in general. But I’ve really struggled to put the weight back on, and now sit at a number a lot lower than what I used to be.

3. I’m a lot more conscious of my impact on the world. I’ve always been this kind of person, but even more so now that I have two very important souls that I’ll be leaving behind once I leave this Earth. I use cruelty free products, try to minimise our waste as much as possible, and donate as much of our time and resources to causes that we feel passionate about.

4. We’ve not been on a proper holiday since falling pregnant with Charlie in India, which is a massive deal for me! I love to travel and really experience different cultures, but since having kids it hasn’t been a priority for us. We’ve been through some massive changes with buying our family home, Nick changing jobs, and deciding to have Cooper. So until things settle down, major travel plans are on the back burner.

5. I’m become super sensitive to the most random things! Before kids I used to pride myself on being a bit of a hard arse, but now.. I’ll cry over ANYTHING! My brother and I used to tease our Mum for this all the time, she would bawl her eyes out over a commercial on TV. But now I’m that person!! I feel like everything is so much more relatable now that I have kids, and I’m super empathetic towards other people now.

6. I take a lot more note of good walls for photo when I’m out in public now 😂

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